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Saturday, September 1, 2007

3rd International Blog Day

Its the 3rd international blog day (click here for technorati tag)! A day where bloggers can highlight new and interesting blogs that they regularly read. I was kindly been linked by both Mark Powell at Blogfish and the Mungers at Cognitive Daily! I've already highlighted 5 excellent blogs recently as part of my bestowing of the Thinking Blogger Award. So I refer you to that post and will highlight 5 new ones here.

1. Deep Sea News: This is where I got my start and Peter and Craig have been nothing but good to me. They highlight all the news and views of the Deep Sea.

2. Zooillogix: always a good source for strange zoological musings.

3. The Beagle Project Blog: This blog celebrates the 200th birthday of Darwin (in 2009!) by building a working replica of the Beagle to sail around the world and conduct scientific research. Always a good source for Darwin news and history.

4. ERV: Stands for Endogenous Virus, a blog dedicated to viral biology and battling the mind-pathogenic virus known as ID.

5. Cephalopodcast: A great resource for marine education and all things cephalopodish.

Ok, I can't resist, there are so many great blogs out there! Check out Aardvarchaeology, A Blog Around the Clock, Blogfish, Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting, Behavioral Ecology Blog, Bug Girl, Cognitive Daily, Dispersal of Darwin, Evolgen, Evolving Thoughts, Fresh Brainz, From Archaea to Zeaxanthol, I'm a Chordata Urochordata, Laelaps, Malaria Bedbugs Sea Lice and Sunsets, Microecos, Pharyngula, Saint Gasoline, Shifting Baselines, Swedish Extravaganza, The Red Notebook, The Tree of Life, The Voltage Gate. Among others...


  1. Quibble, ERV stands for endogenous retrovirus.

  2. Aw, shucks! I'm not sure we the Beagle Project bloggers should have been listed ahead of ERV, though. Our (future) replica Beagle *is* pretty fabulous but I'm not sure it's more fabulous than going to work every day to save the world from AIDS.

  3. I just found your blog, courtesy of PT, and it's going to be a regular read. But, can you lose the white-on-dark look? or make it optional? It's really tough for over-50-year-old eyeballs to process!

  4. I had no idea there was an International Blog Day.

  5. Thanks Kevin!

    Nunatak-- Nonono, I can make this work. If you paint the Beagle fluorescent red and green, THEN our fabulous levels will be even hehe!

  6. Dean, more than a quibble, it was plain wrong lol. thanks i fixed it.

    nunatak,i listed in no order of preference. Perhaps the answer to AIDS is lying in plankton?

    Rugosa, glad to have you aboard! I don't know how to make it optional, but I'll look into elderly-friendly templates ;-) did you know Rugosa are an extinct order of corals? Everone has got a little invert in them!

    Aydin, neither did I, but I went along with anyways for fun. Always looking for chance to highlight some of my favorite blogs.

    ERV, i'm not sure Captain Fitzroy would approve.

    Thanks to everyone, including the lurkers, for my blog such a success!

  7. KZ - I chose my blog name after Rosa rugosa, my favorite wild rose. I did not know Rugosa are extinct corals. I'm already smarter for reading your blog!

  8. Rugosa, i learned that there is rose species that shares a coral order's name! Isn't blogging great?

    Bitte Andrew!


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