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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cruise Cruise Baby

I just got this awesome video from my advisor today. It was uploaded a few days ago to youtube. Its hilarious and anyone who has gone on research cruises will be identify. From the video's page:

"How better to illustrate our monthly oceanographic cruises than a spoof on the classic Ice Ice Baby? From the Coastal Ocean Observing Center at the University of New Hampshire. Lyrics and video by Chris Manning."


  1. ROTFL... I just emailed the URL for this video to my daughter's blog. She's writing her thesis and is missing a lot of the blogs she reads, and I don't want her to miss this... especially now that her field work is done for a little bit and she can look back and laugh.

  2. I had to use this for a post myself. I think it's brillig.

  3. Awesome. I am going to post this over at the Beagle Project blog. Looks like your group has earned some serious ocean-going chops... all good practice for Beagle voyaging!

  4. As you will see, I have updated my recent post on the Beagle blog to reflect your recent comment and avoid any embarrassing false attributions on your behalf. By the way, I love the music on your personal website. I'll be checking out your iTunes recommendations...
    but where's the link to The Other 95 from there??



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