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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Required Weekend Blog Reading

Let me know what you think of these blog gems.

Science in an Age of Endarkenment at DC Goodscience.

If all we had to worry about was a few potty homeopaths and astrologers, it might be better to shrug, and get on with trying to find some truths about the world. But now the endarkenment extends to parliament, universities and schools, it is far too dangerous to ignore.

Going Through the Motions at A Snail's Eye View.
Some species are able to survive the dark and smelly journey through a fish's interior, emerging from the far end apparently none the worse for the experience. In the time taken for the mouthful of mollusc to pass along the digestive tract, the fish might have moved a considerable distance — almost certainly further than an adult mollusc would have made it on its own. When the fish poos, out pops the invertebrate in a completely different location.

Will Climate Change Shrink Man's Manhood Too? at Behavioral Ecology Blog.
I wonder how quickly politicians would take meaningful action to combat global climate change/pollution if their genitalia was shrinking??

Pollution Causes 40% of Human Deaths at Blogfish.
We who watch ecosystem health have been screaming for years that we have to notice when pollution is killing wild animals, because what we do to them, we do to ourselves.

The Crab that has Flies at Evolgen.
While the majority of Drosophila feed on rotting plant material, some have found an even more exotic host: crabs. Yes, just like you can have "crabs" living in your nether regions (well, hopefully not you, per se), crabs can have flies living on them.

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