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Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Didn't Win

But thanks for your support! It was amazing to get so many people voting for me. I'm not quite sure how I lost to be honest with you. I'm told by a close friend that By 10:45 pm on Sunday I was definitely ahead. I could keep track since I was busy with other matters. Interestingly, the contest closed at 9:10am on Monday and not midnight as ws said by the organizers of contest. Unfortunately, they are not able to go back to check the votes at midnight. It was a well-run contest all in all, but they should have kept to the intended deadline instead of whenever they felt like it.

I'm a little upset, not because I miss out on all the geeky science swag, but because I really don't like the winning submission (and yes, I can be a bit competitive, I do contain high levels of testosterone after all). Its misleading and while it may look fine on most blog templates it is certainly not universal. Now they will change the icon to take into account people's criticisms about it, including that it lacked many of the features that mine already had built into it. Ce'st le vie right? I won't be a sore loser about it.

The feature I like most behind the BPR3 project is the idea of aggregation, which is one I've been espousing on the comment threads of BPR3. Zachary has been thinking up ways to aggregate posts, both with using the icon and also for people who do not want to use the icon but contribute their reports on peer-reviewed research to the aggregation. The great part about aggregating posts will hopefully be a searchable database of reports. If everyone uses the DOI of an article, it will be easy to find all the bloggers reporting on that article. Some DOI's are hard to find, so an URL for the paper will have to suffice.

I'd reccommend heading over to BPR3 to put your 2 cents in. It is a service for bloggers by bloggers and only works on your input.

For those who dreamed of immortalizing their favorite invert in verse. You deserve to have a song for your critter. So to the 2 people that took me up, You'll get your song, keep tuned!

**Update: I just checked on the poll again to remind myself what the final numbers were and it appears that people are still voting for me! LOL Hell why not! Keep going to the polls and vote for me even though the contest is over. Show them who is best! I'm up twelve points as of now. Its personally gratifying anyhow**


  1. what a load of detritus. I demand a recount!

    the icon that won didn't even to get the Third "R" in there - it's not internally consistent - based on their logo it should be BPR^2

    Anyways - nice effort. Take solice in the fact that the other guy must have cheated. The bastard.

  2. Heh. Glad you're taking this so well, Kevin. In a feat of 20/20 hindsight, the polling service we used has now given us the option to put a closing time on a poll. Unfortunately that feature wasn't available when the poll was created.

    For what it's worth, the poll was extremely close throughout, and the winning entry was ahead for most of the time the poll was open.

    Kevin, regarding your claim that Uriel's icon is now going to be revised to look more like yours, that's true in some regards. However, one thing we're going to be doing is de-emphasizing the URL on the icon, something that would have had to be done with your icon, too. Many commenters objected to the use of a magnifying glass on an icon because it looks too much like the search icon in everyone's browser.

    (But we do like your icon a lot! That's why it was in the top 3!)

  3. Hi Dave, thanks for your comments. Yes our 2 icons were neck to neck for a long time. I didn't claim that Uriel's icon is being designed to look like mine. Only that many of the suggestions made to improve his icon, I had incorporated in mine. But like you have said all along, its all about getting the best icon, so hopefully the final product will be clear.

    My only beef is with the closing time, otherwise it was a great contest. I am glad to hear that a mechanism is being incorporated in future polls from Quimble to allow the poll to end at a certain time.


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