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Friday, September 7, 2007

Revelations: How My Readers Are Finding Me

I like Statcounter. Its a very useful, free counter that tells me lots of interesting things about the people that come to my site. One of these interesting things is that I can see what websites people come here from and what keywords people use to find my site on a search engine. As you all know I wrote a post on the promiscuity of a certain sea squirt titled Sea Squirt Chics Have No Inhibitions. Which also inspired my one hit wonder Sea Squirts Just Want to Have Fun. I have been getting some, not a whole lot, but more than a few hits a week to my website by people searching "squirting chics" or variants of those two words.

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I find this highly revealing about my readers. I'm not quite sure what to make of my website being listed alongside "Ejaculating Women Videos", a "How to squirt loads" forum,, etc. I guess sex sells right? So am I just another purveyor of perverted invertebrate pornography?


  1. How about posting some porn vids? That'll certainly "enlarge" your readership.

  2. I'm apparently regularly found with 'inter-species sex' according to Extreme Tracker, after a post I wrote on hybrid warblers. The funniest (though somewhat sympathy-inspiring) Google enquiry I've seen for my site? My post on traumatic insemination in bedbugs was located by 'acidic sperm hurts'.

  3. Pfft, amateur, I just looked at the latest 5 people coming to the bayblab from google and I have: "sex with monkeys", "tapir penis", "sex monkeys", "balls hang low", "animal penis". Wells I guess that says a lot about our content...

  4. I just get people wanting to look at crushed snails. Unless that's a euphemism ...

  5. my recent favorite site meter search words for how readers found my blog:

    • lycra peeing fetish;
    • stinky badger;
    • dookie, waikiki;
    • bali sexy massage; and
    • eat buluga little miss philippines 2007

  6. *faints* I'm not even gonna look on mine.

  7. lol aydin, i'd rather enlarge my subscribership. Somehow I think they come for sex and don't stay for the science.

    Christopher, thats is a bit troubling

    AC, you really are starting worry me now. I knew I liked your blog for some reason...

    Snail, what is up with all this violence against gastropods??

    Rick, Its all part of the Queer Spineless Agenda! Except for that last one. Thats just fucked up!

    Linda, it can be very revealing! ;-P

  8. I'm getting hits from people who google "longest orgasm". :rolleyes:


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