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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BPR3 Icon final 3!! Vote for mine!!

I've made the final three of the Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting (BPR3) icon contest!! You can vote for mine at the by clicking here. Here are the top 3 contenders:

So march to polls and vote for my icon design submission! What is at stake you ask?

In addition to the admiration and respect of the entire academic blogosphere, the winning entrant will earn

A scientist blogger's wet dream! Come on and support your local welfare blogger who never wins anything in life. Place a vote for me and make poor grad student's dreams come true. [insert puppy dog face here]

For more background on BPR3, the icon submission contest, all the other icon entries.

*Contest closes on Monday Sept. 24th. Get out the vote!*

**If you vote for me, please leave a comment here saying you did and tell me what invertebrate you would me to do an article on. If I win, I will write personalized articles on this blog for each commenter's favorite Invert (extinct or extant)!**


  1. I just cast my ballot, good luck!

  2. I must say that I don't think it's much of a contest. Would it be jinxing things if I congratulated you now?

  3. Thanks Neil and Jim!

    I'm still not in the lead yet though, but I do think my design is the best (slightly biased?) and also that its the one that fit all the requirements of the contest the best.

  4. I voted--I think your design is hands down the best.


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