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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Benthic Ecology Meeting 2008: Be There or Be Lame

Click on picture to enter their site. This fantastic artwork is by Kathy Johnston

The 2008 Benthic Ecology Meeting's website is up and running (click on picture above). This year it is at Providence, Rhode Island and follows right after the National Shellfisheries Association Meeting. Two great meeting, one great town (so I've been told, never been further northeast than Philadelphia). Your truly plans on being there and presenting, and of course blogging the event. This is a fantastic meeting, especially for grad students. The atmosphere is relaxed and those marine ecologists whose paper's you read and admire? They are great, accessible and know how to have fun. Its definitely a meeting worth going to. I went in 2005 in Williamsburg, Virgina. Had a blast and met some amazing people!

IF going and need a room or roomie, let me know. I am always looking to reduce the costs of housing and don't mind sharing floorspace.


  1. That's my neck of the woods. Wonder if I can sneak in...

  2. *ahem* I would also like to note that the registration and abstract submission for this year's Western Society of Naturalists, this year in Ventura, is now also online - deadlines are October the 8th!

  3. "Be there or be lame"? That don't rhyme!

    Nevertheless, it sounds like an exciting meeting.

  4. Providence is a great city, I go there quite often, hopefully I'll still be in the area to attend, I could really use the opportunity to network

  5. Aww, man... I wonder if I'll have the cash to get up there. Sounds like fun.

  6. I'll be there! Gotta represent the seagrass. Also, I second jebyrnes (hi Jarrett) with regards to the Western Society of Naturalists being a killer meeting.

    -James Douglass

    PS Nice blog.

  7. Its a great meeting. I was there last in 2005. I met your advisor there, but I don't think he would remember.

    Unfortunately, I have May deadline from my committee to get shit done so I won't be going to this meeting after all. I need to focus on getting my dissertation done but i'm seriously going to try to make WSN this year.


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