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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mysterious Cephalopod of the Sea

I found this gem while cleaning out my bookmarks folder (click on photo to enter site). I can't remember where I got it from, most likely either Cephalopodcast or Deep Sea News.

This is a nice informative site about the giant squid, from the education company Scholastic, that teaches students about how science is done by 4 methods:

1) Research - assembling many "tiny clues" and gathering hard evidence (i.e. capture squid on film)
2) Compare - understand processes of the giant squid by understanding closely related, but easier to access species of squid
3) Observe - clues can be attained from studying the anatomy of the squid, even those in preservation.
4) Examine - how does studying giant squid today help us understand fossil squid?

An excellent site that can be easily used to as a lesson in how science is done while capturing students interests in something in fascinating as the deep sea and the giant squid!

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