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Monday, August 27, 2007

I Think!

Courtesy of McClain and Etnoyer at Deep Sea News, I have been bestowed the enviable Thinking Blogger memeaward for:

"all that is invertebrate and just plain great, informative writing"
I was actually bestowed the title of a Thinking Blogger a month ago. Thanks guys! I wouldn't have gotten my blog start if it wasn't for my short but sweet tenure as a guest blogger at DSN between March and May with the From the Desk of Zelnio column. I am supposed to bestow this chain mailaward upon 5 other worthy blogs that make me think. There are several that I have enjoyed in recent months, most already are endowed with such awards and surely deserve additional ones. I want here to highlight some blogs that I keep up on that haven't been tagged with this award (in so far as I can tell). Naturally, I have been enjoying many more than 5, so don't feel offended if you are mentioned!

1. David Colquhoun at DC's Goodscience. He is a Professor of Pharmacology at University College London who exposes the "idiocy of metrics" in measuring science and scientists and discusses the adverse effects of the "cult of managerialism" at universities and in science itself. As a young aspiring professional, I have learned a bit about the industry here. Though only 2 months old, I hope he will continue enlightening us with his extensive experience in the university world.

2. Aydin Örstan at Snail's Tales, whose blog has continued to educate and intrigue me about the world of gastropodous mollusks.

3. Emmett Duffy at The Natural Patriot, mostly because I was a fan of his research before I knew he had a blog. His blog highlights the reasons why science, conservation and environmentalism are patriotic concepts. He brings up relevant issues and has the bigger picture in mind. Emmett, you are THE natural patriot.

4. Christopher Taylor at the Catalogue of Organisms, a fellow taxonomically-inclined blogger, for his exceptionally detailed posts on all things organismal. Once you read one of his posts, you can tell he has put alot of time, effort and research into each well-crafted article. Keep up the good work Christopher and don't believe a word he says about the Lophophorata...

5. The "degenerate grad students" (all 8 of them) at Bayblab and not just for playing my songs on their alcohol-influenced science podcasts. These crazy Canadians write entertainingly on all areas of science, though mostly molecular, cell, genetics oriented material. Plus a monthly podcast talking about some of their most interesting posts! If you haven't bookmarked Bayblab yet, you are making a grave mistake!


  1. Ahhhh I'd like to thank my parents, for encoding the bayblab in my genes...

    SERIOUSLY though. Thanks for the award. We are truly honored. Who says blogging don't pay...

  2. This distinguished award comes with no monetary value.

  3. Once you read one of his posts, you can tell he has put alot of time, effort and research into each well-crafted article.

    (blinks) I think you must be thinking of some other blog, not that pile of drivel...

    Thanks, though.

  4. What? No money? I'm outta here...

  5. Yeah, me too -- many thanks for the kind words, Kevin. You da man. I am diligently working on identifying the next set of victims (um, I mean honorees) to pass on the torch.


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