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Friday, August 10, 2007

Cyborg Moths: America's Eye in the Sky

Photo of cyborg moth undergoing rigorous testing by DARPA from

The latest innovation from DARPA's Office of Creepy Technologies comes from Dr. Amit Lal, who wants to use controllable flying insects for surveillance missions. So far, his teams of engineers have managed to implant electrodes into moths during the pupa stage of early development, with minimal tissue damage. Video monitors show the insects as fully grown adults that can be induced to flap their wings in any direction. They're also working on a way to use the moth's living body—its movements and metabolism—as a power source for the implant's electronics.

DARPA's government-financed mad-science programs originate with managers like Dr.

Hat tip to my brother Ryan Z for this article from titled I Want to Become a Mad Scientist.


  1. What's next? Cyborg mosquitos to assassinate unwanted people?

  2. Shh!! Don't give them any ideas!

    Although i am sure it is either in the works or has been done.

  3. I always wanted to create a horde of flute operated vector flees with a really bad... erm... vectoree(?!) virus so I can take over the world, or some such.

  4. Cow, I'm sure DARPA is already working on it.

  5. I'm gonna wear metal gauntlets and smash any bug in my path from now on!

    cause I'm freaking out!


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