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Monday, August 6, 2007

Spineless Song Requests

Every Friday I've been posting a new Spineless Song for you the public to enjoy. I have no problem songwriting after a few rounds of my homemade Aquavit or my current beer of choice, Old Chub and Dale's Pale Ale from Oskar Blues Brewing Co. in Colorado. But I am now taking requests for this week's and upcoming Spineless Songs. So use the Post Comments Feature and request a song about your favorite invertebrate, feel free to suggest context, plot, lyric lines, etc. Anything goes so long as it Spineless. I am currently working on Sea Squirts Just Wanna Have Fun, related to my sea squirt post a week and a half back. Though parodies are great fun its time for a complete original.


  1. Rotifer Blues
    I ain't got no man, I ain't got no hemorrhoid.
    'Cause I am just a parthenogenic bdelloid.
    You took my money, you took my water.
    I still got anhydrobiosis, I ain't annoyed.

    You write the rest & compose the music...

  2. I considered priapulids, but the result really wasn't PG-rated. The following may need some polishing, but...

    I am an inarticulate
    Brachiopod form
    Just an ordinary linguloid
    Keeping to the norm

    I keep my bauplan nigh-unchanged
    Hundreds, millions of years
    While articulates speciate madly,
    I prefer a lower gear

    Phosphatocopids, Hyolithelminthes,
    No longer here with me,
    And yet I still wear phosphate,
    No carbonate for me

    Those aragonitic taxa
    With their diversity of forms,
    May think themselves above me,
    May think they've won the war.

    But I'll bet you dimes to doughnuts,
    That when they've had their run,
    I'll still be here just simply
    Unaltered in the mud.

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  5. Rotifers and Brachiopods, I like it!

    I'll see what I can do. I just finished Sea Squirts Just Want To Have Fun. Tried recording it, but choked a few times. Try again later.

    Keep the invert-o-songs coming folks!

  6. Maybe I'm gona start making remixes! Thinking of invertebrates mostly makes me hungry...

  7. To the tune of "Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants, the following ditty honours those sessile Palaeozoic organisms that have been alternatively identified as sponges or algae:

    Receptaculites, Receptaculites,
    Sitting around in Devonian times,
    Is it a sponge, or is it a plant?
    Nobody knows,

    Its meroms are close, its body's globose,
    A sessile lifestyle's the one that it chose,
    But where on the tree are we gonna put those?
    How can we say,

    Archaeocyath, archaeocyath,
    Not quite so much trouble by half,
    It's probably a sponge, but may have an out
    With Archaeata,

    Archaeocyath, Archaeocyath,
    Placed in Archaeata with Receptaculites,
    Convergence suspected, they're taken apart,
    Not even close,

    Cyclocrinites, Cyclocrinites
    Looks a bit like Receptaculites,
    They may form a class,
    Together they go,
    But we still haven't a clue,

  8. LOL I like it, I'll see what I can do. I have a couple in the works right now so that might have to wait. But I sang it in my head and I think it works.

  9. The question remains though, which version of Particle man should I parody. I personally like the one with all the kids singing it with the Piano accompaniment

  10. Ha, you've just shown me up, then - I didn't even realise there were alternative versions at stake.

  11. Oh yeah! On their greatest hits album, they have at least 3 versions i think.

  12. I think there is a version sung in some weird foreign language too like hungarian or something.


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