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Monday, August 27, 2007

Bethany Beach Pictures

Here is just a few invertebrate-deprived pictures from our trip.

I build the sandcastles, Elliot destroys them

A "baby pool" dug out by wifey. The ocean quickly decided that there should actually be more sand there instead.

Elliot found some wrecks on the beach at the Ocean City, Maryland boardwalk.

Elliot enjoying a hot dog and some other miscellaneous items at a Higgins Crab House, in Fenwick I think. I had a total of 6 crab cakes in 6 days. Had to store up, not much fresh crab in central PA.

Here is the family back in our beach cottage. That me and Linda Z in the back, Grandma Z has our daughter, Freya, and Grandpa Z with Elliot (brother Jeff Z blurred in the background, other brother Ryan Z taking the photo).

Wifey has a great picture on her blog with elliot "enjoying" the water. I believe his words were, and I quote, "Oh no! Oh no! Oh noooooo!" On the last day he finally allowed water to touch his feet though and even seemed to enjoy it.


  1. Family pics are very nice, but where is the stuff you were supposed to be collecting? We didn't send you to the beach to sit around & be lazy!

  2. Apparently, as I have learned from several more astute readers, Delaware is destitute of rocky shores. My inexperience and lack of preparations resulted in me coming home empty-handed. That and the fact I spent most of my time taking care of kids anyways! Hardly call that lazy!

  3. And so castles made of sand, melts in to the sea... eventually!

  4. How frustrating is it for a marine biologist to have a kid who's afraid of the water? Hope he's not also scared of spineless creepies. Now that would be devastating. :)

  5. Jim, I think he is just scared of both the noise of the waves and that it comes toward him fast. He was knocked down by a little wave that soaked him good. I don't think he appreciated it as much as I would have. I bet by next year though I'll be hard pressed to get him out of the water! He loves the sprinkler...

    He is certainly NOT afraid of invertebrates. He picks and play with spiders and insects... dead or alive.


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