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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Jumping Spider's Do the Booty Drop

Just a quickie, no pun intended, to guide readers over to Zooillogix for an awesome video of a jumping spider mating dance. Make your volume is on, the sounds are unreal! Click here for some bootyliscious jumping spider foreplay.


  1. that was just too cool. I gotta say, spiders as a whole , and salticids in particular are fascinating. I spent a summer in Michigan (with a side trip to Florida) collecting and IDing spiders. In case you didn't know - Florida has some seriously gargantuan specimens.

    RE: this video - I have to wonder about the sounds though - how were they recorded? how amped were they on the video?

  2. Wait, a side trip to Florida while in Michigan?? Sounds cool!

    I don't know for sure, but from the way it sounds it must have recorded with a close-range directional mic. Decibels were definitely ramped up in video production, as it flattens out with intensity.

  3. yeah - road trip from Michigan to Florida all in the name of arachnology. You haven't lived till you traversed the forests of middle-of-nowhere Florida in complete darkness in the hot and humid summer with nothing but a head lamp and a glass jar in search of Geolycosa carolinensis and Nephila clavipes and their gigantic webs (up to 2m in diameter). Ah, good, yet rather spooky, times.

  4. Sounds awesome! I've been in middle-of-nowhere other places though. The most serene was middle-of-nowhere Death Valley with my wife. Never had I known what silence was in my life.

    Hopefully these spiders weren't the heart-stopping kind...


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