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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Icon Submission for BPR3

Below are my icon submissions for the BPR3 icon contest. Head over to Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting to support and join in the conversation! I like the magnifying glass because it not specific to a discipline, signifies taking a closer look at peer-reviewed research, and also signifies going into greater detail. The white background should go with any blog template.

120 x 90 entry

80 x 50 entry

16 x 16 entry

or a slightly more colorful image

The magnifying glass icon is absent for the 16 x 16 because I felt it just wasn't visible enough to be useful. I think it is more important to highlight BPR3, like the Sb in the address bar on the Scienceblogs homepage. Both icons are 4kb.

In the 80 x 50 entry, I put in only 'Report' because Blogger for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting was too large to be effectively seen. It would have needed a smaller font. This icon though has the logo, the magnifying glass peering over BPR3, the web address and the the word 'Report' to signify it is a blog report on peer-reviewed research. This icon is 8kb while the largest one is 12 kb. So all these icons would take up little bandwidth.

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