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Friday, August 17, 2007

Spineless Songs - Bdelloid Blues

SEM from Fontaneto et al. 2007 in PloS

Got them deep Bdelloid Blues? You know the ones I'm talking about. When a woman don't no man. When times get so bad you just gotta dehydrate and wait out the storm. This song was inspired by, and lyrics co-written with, Aydin Örstan of Snail's Tales. Liquid inspiration provided by Kevin Z's homemade Aquavit. As you might tell from this odd recording (i.e. slurred words, fuzzy overlaid solos) I was fairly well inspired...

Must See TV! Feel free to mute the cheeky National Geographic/Hollywood epic blockbuster movie score (lower right icon, looks like a speaker)

Bdelloid Blues

I don’t need no male
I don’t need no sperm
I don’t need no hemmorhoid
Cause I’m just a parthenogenic bdelloid

You took my resources
You took my water
I ain’t annoyed
Cause I’m just a parthenogenic bdelloid

is what I got
When times get bad
I don’t rot
Just hide and seek
Waitin for a little rain
I don’t need no Lloyd
Cause I’m just a
biological species concept hatin
freshwater lovin
asexual reproducing

A Carnival of Rotifers (acrylic on glass by Berkeley Bayne) downloaded from Dr. Charles King's website.

Update: I don't know why I added trochophore, can I blame it on the booze? Rotifers do not have trochophore larvae. Although noted in Jenner 2004:
Nielsen (1987, 1995, 2001) advocates the homology of the rotiferan trochus with the prototroch and the cingulum with the metatroch of trochophore larvae, an argument followed by Peterson & Eernisse (2001).[...] Although these homology proposals are not buttressed by cell lineage data on the source of the ciliary bands in rotifers, they are in accordance with the widespread view that rotifers are paedomorphic animals with respect to taxa that possess trochophore larvae[...]. available comprehensive morphological or total evidence (+ 18S rDNA sequence data) cladistic analyses frequently position Rotifera outside a clade Trochozoa (characterized by trochophore larvae)[...]. The paedomorphic origin of Rotifera and homology of their ciliary bands with those of trochophore larvae thus remain dependent upon out-group comparison and the assumption of a trochus and cingulum in the rotiferan ground pattern.

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