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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watchmen Looks AWESOME

I am so stoked that a Watchmen movie is being made. And it looks like it will be AWESOME! i.e. not a cheesy comic spoof, but a genuine deal. Here is the trailer.


  1. Did you watch this until the end?
    I did. And I got to hear an Australian say he was going to pee with excitement.

    I'm a comics geek and Rorsacht looks awesome. So I'm happy.

  2. I have been so scared about this movie coming out because I figured there is no way they can do the story justice. But this looks like it will be pretty true to the book, and the effects look really good!

    I'm a little surprised that they're not using "Who watches the Watchmen?" as the tagline, but I guess that might discourage people from watching the movie.

  3. I thought Doctor Manhattan looked awesome! But I'm a little concern about the portrayal of Spectre. The comic book movies tend to overdue it a bit on the women. We'll see how it goes.

    Will, I thought I saw an earlier trailer that used that line.

  4. I was worried that they were going to turn Watchmen into a bland superhero movie, too. But I met someone at Comic Con who had read the script and he promised that all the darkness and moral bankruptcy remains intact.

  5. They're keeping the ending. All is right with the world.

  6. Sounds great Miriam, Ed *weeps with joy* I can't wait till MARCH!!

    Jives, I was a comic geek too for many years. I still have 'em all, 2000+ I think. They are going to pay for my retirement lol. 1000s of lawn mowing and hedge trimming dollars spent as a teen...


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