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Friday, August 15, 2008

Chek Jawa Recovery

Just a quick link to an interesting site documenting the recovery monitoring of Check Jawa, a coastal area of Singapore with six distinct ecosystems. I ran across this interesting site, I believe on a link from the wonderful Annotated Budak or the gifted Tide Chaser (both also cover this area in their blogs regularly.)

As I understand it, Chek Jawa was spared from development with a ten year land reclamation deferment in 2001. However a mass mortality event – likey a hyposaline pulse caused by massive rains – affected several of the species in the area in 2007.

Several organizations, groups and volunteers are involved in this area's recovery and conservation. They are conducting boardwalk tours, lectures, producing high quality video documentaries and outreach programs, GIS based websites and ongoing research.

The Chek Jawa Mortality and Recruitment Project, in particular, is the site of Kok Sheng, an undergrad at the National University of Singapore. It documents his undergraduate research project on the mass mortality and recruitment of macrofauna in Chek Jawa from start to finish and now beyond. He reports that he hopes to have an article published soon based on this research.

A sampling of some of the inverts (and there are many!) he and the volunteers are finding and tracking...


  1. wow! looks like I have another subscription added to my google reader. Thanks for reviewing this!

  2. thanks for highlighting Chek Jawa. It's still an ongoing affair, as there's no iron-clad certainty that it won't be developed once the 10 year reprieve is up for review.


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