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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pieces of My Brother's Art

My brother discovered his artistic talents later in life. But he has really taken off. He made this beautiful mosaic for me which I can't wait to hang prominently when we move into our new house. Can you guess what it is?

He made this stained glass piece for our parents. The three eagles representing the three sons and the lighthouse representing our parents. Here it is proudly shown hanging up in my parents bedroom window.

Today he announced he has finally opened up his online store at! He has one amazing piece up right as part of his series: "From the Ashes". Click on the last link to go there and check it out. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for his store. You can use his Contact page (you'll need to sign in to Etsy, email me for his contact info if you do not wish to sign up for an Etsy account) to ask about commissions.


  1. I am sure he would love to! I added a sentence at the end about contacting him for commissions. I am confident he could do anything. I would love to see him do a nudibranch. It would be a welcome challenge for him with the anatomical details.

  2. Thanks K :D So happy you like it!


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