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Saturday, August 2, 2008


For those who care what blathering I have to espouse, my friend Peter Buckland of the blog Forms Most Beautiful, interviewed me regarding my work in the Deep Sea, my views on atheism and religion, evolution, science communication and tattoos. Peter is a nice guy who is doing a PhD in education at Penn State studying the Evolution/Intelligent Design-Creationism issue in schools covered the Dover Trial for the newspaper Voices in Pennsylvania. If you enjoy reading about science and evolution in politics and issues in atheism, I recommend bookmarking his blog!


  1. Good interview! Looking forward to the announcements here and at DSN.

  2. You are very on point about the lack of education and even emphasis on scientists being able to communicate research to people beyond their scientific peers. I am hoping to change that as well by getting involved with the local high school and taking the exciting field of geomicrobiology to them. I am working on developing a decent program this year, while I have a fat fellowship and at least getting a trial run out the door.
    Have you had any success with this?
    BTW, I am also in love with hydrothermal vent communities, although I have not had the experience to work with them up close. Instead, right now, I am working on mat development in hot springs in ophiolites. It is a bit closer to what I did for my MS (structural geology). Would love to chat and hear more about your experiences. My email is: easternalbanianophiolite AT yahoo DOT com.


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