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Friday, August 29, 2008

Meet Radula

Only because Bug Girl did it and then Miriam did it. So naturally I had to create the defender of the spineless. Meet Radula, Destroyer of Backbones! Created in consultation with wifey using HeroMachine 2.5. His trusty sidekick is Salty the Jumping Spider.


  1. I love the name...

    I did Dorid Defender back a year or so ago when this first started going around. I'll have to get her out again and put her up on my site.

  2. That *is* a good name!

  3. I like Salty the Jumping spider. Pretty funny. To all those who are not familiar with the joke, Salticidae is the family of jumping spiders. Saltatory is a $20 word for "jumping" (in Greek, I think it may also mean dancing - Nemo saltat sobrius).

  4. So ... will he be using that axe on himself?

    He looks like he has a spine.


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