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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Submit to Praxis!

There is a new carnival in town. This one fills, in my opinion, a much-needed niche. Martin at The Lay Scientist has the details:

"The carnival is intended to cover all aspects of life as an academic, whether it's the lifestyle, career progress, doing a Ph.D., getting funding, climbing the slippery pole, academic life as a minority, working with colleagues and students, dealing with the peer-review process, publishing, grants, science 2.0, amusing anecdotes, conference experiences, philosophical musings, public engagement, or even historical articles about what life was like in the good (or bad) old days."
The first edition will be up at A Blog Around the Clock on August 15. Head over to The Lay Scientist to read about the guidelines, submit your entries, and write write write! The second edition will be held at Life v.3.0 on September 15th and the third edition will be held at none other than The Other 95%! Right here on Oct. 15th!

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