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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Morning Funnies - Sunday Invert Lineup

It actually was linked to from one of the stories on Steve O'Shea... so...

and in related news...

Next Sunday (August 31st) looks to be an Ocean and Invert bonanza on the Discovery Channel.

It starts off at 3pm with all 4 hours of the Blue Planet.
At 7pm we start up three marine invert hours of fun with the Killer Jellyfish! The story about the search for the Irukandji

At 8pm comes "Giant Squid, Caught on Camera" from dives in the Gulf of California, and the night is capped off at 9pm by....

Colossal Squid - the show on the capture, transport and examination of the colossal squid dissected earlier this spring.

of course check local listings blah blah blah...

For one day in August I wish I actually had TV considering I won't be able to get outside much that weekend.

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