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Sunday, July 6, 2008

So Daniel over at the wonderful newish backboned blog, Something Fishy, thinks vertebrates are something interesting. Other than they taste good, I'm not sure why. Go there to see poor innocent invertebrates mauled by the uncontrollable, violent, greedy, self-centered and all around horrible Axolotl and Archer Fish. Poor little under-appreciated majority, always being picked on by the big guy. May we find solace in the fact that INVERTABRITZ RULEZ TEH INTERNETZ!!1!!11!!!!!11!! Game on bee-otch.

The score breakdown (winners are italicized):
Cricket vs. Archer Fish
Earthworm vs. Axolotl
Mantis vs. Mouse
Tantula vs. Coral Snake
Ants vs. (dead) lizard
Tarantula vs. Fer de Lance Snake
Mantis vs. Snake
Octopus vs. Fish
Jellies vs. Salmon
Man Sized Sea Scorpions vs. Armor Plate Fish
Octopus vs. Moray + half dozen fish
Centipede vs. Bat
Centipede vs. Mouse
Octopus vs. Shark

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  1. Game on! f course he does realize we could always slap down the sea lice versus salmon molt videos...


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