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Monday, July 28, 2008


I fail to understand why people are discriminated against for biking! I bike everyday to work, in all weather except ice on the roads, for several reason. Its cheap, I enjoy it, its easier and just as fast as driving, don't have to worry about parking or paying for parking, it keeps my beer belly in stasis and I feel great after 25 minutes of cardiovascular work-out when I arrive at my office or back home among other reasons. I understand the current city plans of the US (with notable exceptions) are not engineered with bike commuters in mind. Hopefully this will change as time progresses and gas prices increase. Sure, some bike commuters have a holier-than-thou attitude, but the majority just do it because it is the sensible option for them. It might not be the sensible option for all people, but those that can should do it more. Even a bad attitude DOES NOT excuse an officer for blatant brutality. The Gothamist reports.
"Although a judge ruled in 2006 that the monthly Critical Mass bicycle rides could proceed without a permit, the NYPD's stance remains somewhat adversarial. Though the city has not been enforcing the controversial parade permit law when it comes to Critical Mass, police have been ticketing cyclists during the ride for such infractions as not having the required lights.

A representative for TIMES UP! tells us that the cyclist in this video was arrested, held for 26 hours, and charged with attempted assault and resisting arrest. One other cyclist was ticketed Friday night for riding outside the bike lane, which is not actually illegal and often necessary, considering how popular bike lanes are for double parking."


  1. Holy frack! That was a very uncool take down, with no apparent provocation at all.

    I hope he gets suspended without pay for the next month or so...while NYPD figures out how to handle the lawsuit(s) and bad PR.

  2. while unprovoked violence against people like that is really uncool, there are any number of accounts i've read about Critical Mass attacking innocent motorists-smashing windows, headlights, etc. for no other reason other than to be belligerent.

    I neither drive nor bike but I'm not always sympathetic for these people given that their main goal seems to be PROVOCATION.

  3. Anon, I don't know anything about Critical Mass, and certainly disapprove of that behavior. It isn't gang warfare, just transportation...

    I just know from that video the officer seemed unprovoked. The biker was even slowing down a little bit, bu assuming the officer was watching out for him.

  4. A follow-up to the incident-

    I've been taking part in CM rides for quite a few months now, mainly to raise awareness of cyclists as part of regular traffic. Most of the participants are careful, law-abiding, cheerful and pleasant towards other road users, but as in any mass unorganized event, there are bound to be a few yahoos around.

  5. Thanks for the update!

    I think the officer is going to have a tough case arguing "Long was obstructing traffic and that the biker was actually trying to run him down" with that video in place.

  6. Wow, what brass...
    Yeah, I guess the officer, and possibly the PD has no idea that the video is out there?

  7. That's amazing. OMGWTF indeed.



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