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Monday, July 14, 2008


I can't remember where I found this unfortunately...


  1. Breaking the cross is one thing. I wonder if taking the cross and hitting them over the head with it would be another. At which point is it OK to sink to their level in our tactics and behaviors?

    I think we can behave better than that.

  2. I certainly agree with you kate, I didn't read into that far, but see it now. I was more concerned with the hypocrisy connoted by the cartoon. Its OK for the christian to systematically abuse the atheist, but once the atheist can't take it anymore, or begins to fight back (no matter the tactics) it becomes an issue of crying foul.

  3. Hmm, I see parallels here with one of your Sciblings, Kevin. It's a great cartoon, symbolic of the response we sometimes get as atheists.

  4. I remember seeing it in one of the issues of Freethought Today last fall. You may be able to find it at

    I was thinking of putting it up on my blog, but you beat me to it.


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