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Monday, July 7, 2008

Female Vocalist of the Millenium Goes To...

Alice Russell. (myspace page with more songs)

O H M Y G O D, blew me away. I heard her this morning on Boing Boing TV. Video is embedded below, just fast forward to where the band is playing:

This is the funkyest shit I've heard in A LONG TIME. I was amazed, I had no clue white british girls could do funk and do it so seemlessly. These are originals folks. Her voice is perfect, such control and range! So I downloaded her songs from iTunes. She does an astonishing cover of Seven Nation Army, written originally by The White Stripes. Check out these videos below, turn up your speakers, turn down the lights and chill out.

Alice Russell - Hurry On Home

Alice Russell - Live Recording

What does this have to do with Invertebrates. She sings a song about flies (with mention of spiders)!!! Spineless soul queen mama, I declare thee a Friend of the Invertebrates!

A Fly In The Hand

I catch a fly in my hand
my knuckles go white
I wanted to fly
it didn't help me understand
but it sure felt good to hold

Heavy change is what i need
no bag of silver with a smiling queen
i got a spider in a box you see
someday i'll take a little sum for me

from Rome to my very hand
slipping through like each grain of sand
i open letters to the sound of air
but, aw get away i don't want to share


look for the silver theres a finders fee
and theres an acre for every tree
i wanna go share it around
i drop a penny and i hear no sound

I close the box, hide it away
and put a value on their currency
thats ten to them for every one to me
swollow the key for another day


Its through the nose, this shit is true
My favourite letters, I.O.U
I cut some feathers with some amber beads
i got an empty bag of some whales teeth
Show me the blood to pasify
Its what makes mothers leave to babies cry
I wanna go share all around
I change the time for every pound of pounds

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