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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On the Allure of the Ocean's Novelty

SEED Magazine has put my article up on their website! Go there and take a read. Let me know what you think or address any questions, comments and concerns below!


  • Bora highlights it on his blog!
  • Mike weighs in on the article!


  1. "It is a tempting thought, to fancy you all round the fire, & I perhaps plaguing Granny for some music.— Such recollections are very vivid, when we are pitching bows under & I sea-sick & cold."

    Come on, man, Darwin was a pansy...

    You my friend, salt-stung, elbow deep in rotten egg mud, making every last amphipod beg for mercy...that's pure Hemingway!

  2. Ah, Kevin, your article in Seed resonates with us old divers who were first drawn into the ocean -- and then compelled to return again and again and again for a lifetime -- by the never-ending novelty that the ocean serves up to us. The very best thing about sticking your face underneath the surface of the sea on a given day: you just NEVER know what you are going to find. ;-}


  3. Neil, Darwin may have be a whiny sod, but he stuck it out and didn't quite!

    Thanks Bobbie! I've often thought of writing organismal posts for dive or aquarist magazines. I would like to write a regular "creature column" somewhere. There is just SO much out there that SO amazing!


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