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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Help Artist Out With Deadly Spider Bite Treatment

Matt Woodson is a very talented comic-book style artist, hit by a very dangerous spider in an unfortunate circumstance. Help out a brotha! I will be contacting regarding my next tattoo. Via Boing Boing:

A poisonous spider bit artist Matthew Woodson, and the medical treatment is expensive. He's accepting commissions to offset the costs of the treatment, which is expected to last eight months. (Portfolio here)

On Monday of last week I was bitten by a yet unknown poisonous spider on my right knee. By Tuesday I was running a high fever and unable to walk. On Friday evening I collapsed and was rushed to the ER. After a series of x-rays and a whole lot of examination, I was informed that I had a rather large abscess and cellulitis due to the spider's bite. I was sent home early Saturday morning after having my knee surgically "drained", and in more pain than I have ever been in. After a doctor's appointment this Monday, another abscess was drained and I was informed that I would need to see a doctor weekly until the wound had healed, which could possibly take up to 8 months. Within these 8 months there will remain the very real threat of the infection spreading into the bone of my knee, as well as the possibility of blood poisoning.

Any possible commission you could have for me; gifts, wedding invitations, cards, wall art, tattoos, anything. I am interested in the job. I will also definitely consider larger personal commissions, considering the work involved. I would prefer to only be working in black and white, but don't be afraid to ask about color. I haven't exactly figured out how pricing will go yet, but obviously pricing will be negotiable and varying, but for small to medium sized drawings I was thinking between $100 - $500 through paypal.
See Woodson's post for more information: Kill Spiders, Buy Art.

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  1. Not that I doubt that Matthew Woodson has a severe medical problem, but I'm always uncomfortable with people blaming this sort of problem on spider bites. Particularly when the spider was not identified, or when it is not clear that the spider was even seen. There are dozens of medical conditions that cause the dangerous necrotic lesions that frequently get called "spider bites", and misdiagnosing, say, a raging bacterial infection as a spider bite can be very dangerous.


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