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Friday, July 4, 2008

Inverts 11: Verts 2

So another Friday Fight video... I wonder who the favorite will be?

After a quick (post?) coitus snack the Mantis takes on a mouse...

Makes you almost feel sorry for those little rodents, centipedes, scorpions, spiders and now mantis all pickin on them.

The score breakdown (winners are italicized):
Tantula vs. Coral Snake
Ants vs. (dead) lizard
Tarantula vs. Fer de Lance Snake
Mantis vs. Snake
Octopus vs. Fish
Jellies vs. Salmon
Man Sized Sea Scorpions vs. Armor Plate Fish
Octopus vs. Moray + half dozen fish
Centipede vs. Bat
Centipede vs. Mouse
Octopus vs. Shark

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  1. I tried sending you the video of an invertebrate been eaten by a vertebrate but couldn't. So I have put it on my blog ( Surly its 3 verts and 11 inverts. But I will search for more to even the score:)


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