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Monday, October 8, 2007

Cephalopod Awareness Day: Score One for the Spineless, Octopus Takes Down Shark

"To say the least it was a big surprise to find out that sharks were be taken by an octopus, a mere invertebrate. Kind of gives new meaning to top predator."
These are 3-4 foot sharks and I find highly presumptuous of the narrator to state that a shark can be taken down be a "mere invertebrate". Not all sharks are Tiger, Great White, Bull or White Tips. Being a backboned bully doesn't give you automatic rights to being a "top predator".

Anyways, this is kind of an old one courtesy Stevan Hoggs. Enjoy the edge of the seat carnage and mayhem and try not to squeal with delight too loudly in your cubicles.

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