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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tangled Bank #91

The Radula: Tangled Bank #91
Oh, and its a good one!

Congratulations to Dorid, the first non-scientist to host the carnival. She did a wonderful job too. So go check it out and learn about some cool science in blogosphere!


  1. Dear Kevin

    Peter Mc and I would like to bring your attention to a new fundraising scheme to help finance the replica Beagle:

    The Beagle Project Shop:

    ...about which I've blogged here:

    You can use the sidebar button from our blog in your own sidebar if you see fit.

  2. Hey Kevin! I got a blog of my own, check it out if you want.

  3. Rick, you ask and I deliver.

    Nunatak, awesome! I do what I can to help out.

    Meirav, hope your invert class was going well. You might want to provide a link so my readers can get there or make your profile accessible to the public so people can find your blog from wherever you comment.

  4. The invert class is next semester, but I may have to start cutting around at cuttlefish already; I need some squid ink to extract melanin from (oh dear) for my research.


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