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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Support Underfunded Teachers

Craig and Peter and Deep Sea News are challenging us all to fund a science project or buy supplies for schools. It is no secret the plight that the United States educational system faces. Underpaid and overworked teachers sacrifice much to ensure the future workforce, voters and discovery-makers are trained in the basics to help them succeed in the real world. Unfortunately, most of these schools are severely underfunded and can't afford basic supplies to allow their students to learn science hands-on.

I am challenging my readers to contribute to Deep Sea News' goal of raising $1,100. They only need a little bit to fund the last of their 4 science projects. I donated $20 and if a poor grad student with a family of 4 on only a graduate student stipend plus students loans can spare $20, I know you spare $10! So click here to put the spark of science in a child's eye. Its up to each of us to ensure the quality of education for those that will be running our country, our healthcare system and making decisions about our hard-earned tax dollars (and social security!). I for one want those individuals to have the best training in the scientific method possible.

If Deep Sea News meets its goal and you still want to help out, check out the Scienceblogs Leaderboard and choose another blog/project to fund!


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