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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spineless Song of the Week - Vlog: I Leave A Little Light On

I wrote this song to compliment my post on firefly light production costs and evolution and finally got around to recording it. This was NOT the one I wanted to put up, but Linda insisted I upload this version. She was naturally biased as it features accompanying vocals and a cameo from our daughter. I was playing guitar and singing this song for her while watching her, hoping she would stay quiet (first mistake), but it is pretty cute to hear happy baby screams in the middle of the song. So enjoy!

I Leave A Little Light On
I leave a little light on, so you can find
I’ll be waiting on this leaf flashing in time
But please don’t be too long
Or I might be dead and gone
So darling can’t you see
That my little lightning
Will guide you through the darkness under my wing

Third molt and you can plainly see
I’m not just a larvae like everybody
I’m glowing real nice, all sugar and spice
Munching on a leaf enjoying my life
But I hope you and I
Can get together and light up the sky
Just another moult just a little more time
Till I get you and you get mine

I leave a little light on....

I turn lucerifase on and off
Chemicals, no bacterial stuff
Don’t cost that much, but it sure ain’t cheap
I give myself away. Bad guys I’ll meet
But for you I’d do anything its true
A firefly for you I’ll prove
Anything is possible, anything at all
I’ll flash three times in a row

I leave a little light on....

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