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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Calling All Scientists! I Need Your Help!

I've a small project for an upcoming Spineless Song of the Week Video. Its a hush hush secret operation, but I need your help. I am looking for pictures or short video clips (no more than 15 seconds) of you in action doing science in all its glory. I'm looking for variety, so whether you are out doing cool field work or in the lab pipetting samples, or typing at your computer trying to come up with an equation to make cold fission work, email me your photos/video clips to kaz146:at:psu:dot:edu for consideration. When I'm done with the project, it will be posted on my blog and I'll email all submitters so they can see the final projects.

If you have a blog, please help me out by blogging about it and getting people to submit there science in action to me. It will not be anything derogatory or damning in any way, just good ole fashioned nerdy fun.

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