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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Its CEMS Time Baby!

Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to find the funding to go since I using what I have to go to The Ocean Sciences Meeting and Benthic Ecology Meeting. But click on the banner below to check out what all is involved for the 5th Congress of the European Malacological Societies.
Provisional themes for the 5th Congress of the European Malacological Societies:

1) Present and future challenges of fisheries and molluscan aquaculture

2) From theory to practice: What we can do for freshwater molluscs conservation

3) Origin, diversity and phylogeny of molluscs. Where are we?

4) Biogeographical processes and patterns

5) Molluscs as ecological models: from local patterns to global evolution

6) A palaeontological's eye: diversification and extinction of molluscs

7) Terrestrial molluscs: the perfect models for island biogeography?

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  1. If you are able/interested in traveling ~100 south of Orlando, let me know. You can stop by the Lab or check out Point-of-Rocks.

    Also, congrats on passing the comp exam.


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