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Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Wifey pulled this little guy off my back as I was stretching after a run through the woods. Very cute little bugger! I am guessing it must a moth of some kind. Any of my readers have a clue?

The little caterpillar is trying to show me on the map where he fell on me from.

I put it back outside on a fern, it wasn't doing very well and probably didn't survive for much longer. As an afterthought, a fern was probably a poor choice to put him on...


  1. check out the geometridae moths...

    and all i can say is if i felt that on my back, it would have resulted in a very embarrassing jig accompanied by hand waving and squealing...

    not that there's anything wrong with that...

  2. I second the Geometridae idea, but that's as far as I could go. Geometrid caterpillars are also known as looper caterpillars or inchworms due to their mode of movement by anchoring the prolegs in place, reaching forward with the front end of the body, then anchoring the legs and looping the back end forward.

  3. After a run through the woods, it is better to have a caterpillar on you than a tick.

  4. From a quick poke around the internet, it seems that coloration is highly variable within species and from other pictures I can't even narrow down the genus! It also seems like every species is in its own genus as well... Must be a hyperdiverse family.

    Aydin, luckily our area doesn't seem to have much of a tick problem. I usually wear a hat when I'm out though. In Sweden last year my 6 month old had a tick sucking on his leg. Noticed it when I was changing his diaper.

  5. Third on the geometrid--but I won't even guess a genera.


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