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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Really Am A Genius

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Just because my ego needs to be inflated more. Like Björn Brembs says, "it probably means incomprehensible".


  1. Bjorn is right. The point of these reading tools is to warn you if your reading levels are too high. Low is good. High is bad.

  2. Except that my wife also got a genius reading level rating and she mostly only posts photos of our kids and comments on motherhood and our family life.

    It makes me wonder about the algorithm they use. Certainly there are more technical blogs out there than mine that are getting college and lower reading level ratings. There is absolutely no information o the rating website as to how the level is calculated.

  3. I have no idea either. But when I worked in corporate training we used similar tools. They did things like work out average sentence length, number of different words, how unusual the words were etc. None of this tells you if the content is remotely valuable or not. It does give you a hint as to how easy it is to read.

    I find your blog easy and pleasant to read. Maybe it's reacting to things like "hydrothermal vents and methane seeps". But you can't get round that.

  4. The point of these reading tools

    Looks like the point of this reading tool is to slip unpaided advertising into people's blog. Yech.

  5. Yeah whats up with that! That explains why there is no information about the whole thing.


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