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Monday, November 26, 2007

Doomsday Scheduled Between 9 and 11:30 am

Dear Committee,

I offer you my head on a block. Please have pity on me and do not take it personally if I break down and cry at any moment during my comprehensive examination tomorrow morning. I beg of you to find it in your heart to find me worthy of donning the title "Dr." and joining the ranks of the academic elite. Remember that you too were one a graduate student. Let us forget the good ole frat boy days of initiation and progress to nurturing and random acts of kindness.

Sincerely, Kevin A. Zelnio

p.s. - Do you take cream in your coffee? Need some leaves raked?


  1. Good luck. I feel your pain having defended my PhD last Thursday. Just work with it and realize that in 24 hours it will be receding in the rear view mirror.

    Best of luck

  2. Thanks dmonte, and congratulations on your defense! If everything goes to plan, I will be doing my defense next Fall.

  3. give 'em hell, kevin...

    game on, and be sure to caffeinate!

  4. The Beagle Project is tensing its collective stomach muscles for you. Best of luck.

  5. Good luck! Our daughter is started crawling this morning, it must be a good day!

  6. Be sure to sail in with colors raised and guns a'blazin. Give 'em hell.

  7. Congrats! (I'm sure you'll do fine.)

    And try not to have *too* good a time afterwards--my after-defense party got a little out of hand :p


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