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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Reasons Why I Am Lame

Yes, I know. This "science" blog 'highlighting all the news and views of the underappreciated majority" is been a little light on the science, news and views. Like any non-computer backboned human(oid), I get busy from time to time. What has been keeping my tongue is mainly teaching, grading and meeting with students and studying and assignments for my Molecular Evolution class. Of course, I am plodding away on my research getting some cool results that I hope to blog about this week.

But the main thing that will be keeping me until November 27th is writing my thesis proposal, making a presentation and studying for my comprehensive exams! (trembling in fear) Yes you can probably figure out that I'm a nervous wreck right now. These are the big ones, there's no turning back now. Passing these exams is extremely important for several reasons. Many of the grad student readers that are further along in their studies understand and can maybe relate themselves. On the plus side, I get a big raise if I pass! The format at Penn State's Dept. of Biology is for me to give a 20 min. presentation of my thesis and then get grilled on anything the committee wants to grill me on. I gave myself a tough committee too, it will not be easy.

So I'll still blog here and there as I've been doing for a couple weeks. It is sort of my refuge from the stark reality of life-changing examinations right now. But anything that will take substantial time gets a backburner for the next 2 weeks. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, Kevin, and don't forget to sleep and eat enough (I know cramming can make you forget these things XD) and most importantly; don't worry too much, you'll do great!

  2. Good luck with the exam! I am on a similar schedule: presentation, proposal, and the exam. I am tired of freaking out :) Do you ever get so overwhelmed by the upcoming torture (studying+taking the exam) that you cannot touch your research at all? Please say yes :) lol

  3. I am so tempted to tell a couple of horror stories from my own (nearly 40 years ago now!), but I'll resist that temptation and say only that you'll do fine -- relax and know that they're not out to "get" you.


  4. Thanks everyone!
    Meirav, my wife is good at keeping me healthy and in line.

    Christian, yes! lol on top of teaching intro bio and grading lab reports and quizzes, plus taking a class in molecular evolution,genera lab ins and outs, presentations and updates, meeting, keeping track of an undergrad helping me out with my research and freaking out about the comps. It keeps me on my toes so to speak.

    RBH, thats what I keep hearing, I *think* it will go OK, but am a little concerned about not being too grounded in theory for one or two of committee members. I'm working on "framing" my thesis proposal with a more theoretical tint, but its not the easiest thing to do!


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