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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rock Flippin!

So it was such a nice day today we went out and looked for insects! I flipped over a rock in my yard and found some ants tending to their young. Half of the future generation was subsequently wiped out hen my son decided to stick his finger in the middle of the grub pile. But it was fun watching the workers try their hardest to scurry off with the larvae. We must have looked quite the threat (and my son was!)

Maybe one of my ant blogging spineless compatriots, or Pennsylvania natural historians can tell me what species this is?


  1. Cool photos. The ant is a Lasius species of some kind- there are several yellowish ones that look like that. Possibly L. claviger, but to really nail down an ID you need to examine some very subtle differences under the microscope.

    And, those aren't grubs but subterranean aphids that the ants tend for honeydew.

  2. Alex, thats so cool! I didn't get a chance to take a close look as I was trying to prevent my son from eating the aphids on his finger while snapping a quick photo (hence, why it is not too sharp). I'll see if I revisit the ants and grab one to put under the scope for some pictures. Now that you said something though, it makes sense.


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