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Monday, April 14, 2008

An ABC Book of Invertebrates

This book is absolutely stunning and brilliant. Learn the ABC's of the invertebrate world (terrestrial and marine) with the Adams! The book is freely available on the internet. You can read more about the artist from this fascinating NY Times story titled "A Disease That Allowed Torrents of Creativity".

S is for Seastar (called Starfish by some)
Which come in bright colours like orange, red, or plum.
Most sea stars have five arms (but some have lots more)
With undersides covered with tube feet galore
That cling to the rocks and help the star eat.
They pry open clam shells to get at the meat.

Hat tip to S.A.L.-P, via Boing Boing. Here is more of Anne Adams art. I have been told by her husband that the originals are NOT for sale, but there may be reproductions for sale in the future.


  1. I was so happy to see their choice for "N"!

  2. Now that is some starfishaliciousness!

  3. The whole book is awesome, My son is now inspired to print this one out and make one of his own.

    Thanks for that!


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