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Thursday, April 3, 2008

On the Rookies

Or FNGs as I like to call them. Except that they are not new to blogging, just The Other 95%. I'd like you to clap your crustaceous claws together and welcome Eric and Mike to the blog! Eric is a non-traditional undergrad (=older with kid) at UCONN with an interest in cephalopods, while Mike is hoping to get into a science communication program and will be using this space as his writing lab.

I'm (nervously) handing over the key to them and excited to see what they come up with. We will be bigger, badder, better, pornier and even more spinelesser than ever! So, everyone say hi and commence the hazing rituals.


  1. just when we get you trained and docile, you skeedaddle... ah well, there's plenty of pestering we can still do to you over at dsn...

    welcome, fresh meat, er, i mean eric and mike!

  2. Wait a sec, I thought Kevin was still going to write for TO95, just that he would have company. Is that not right?

  3. Don't worry Karen! I ain't going nowhere!

  4. You had better not, Kevin! TO95 is too important to leave in the hands of FNG's.


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