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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

LIVEBLUE in 2008

"Live like you love the ocean."
LIVEBLUE is a new blog and organization to promote the blue lifestyle. 2008 is the year for living blue. Also the International Year of the Reef. Get out of green and LIVEBLUE dude. Dive in an ocean, go to an aquarium, pick up that Pabst Blue Ribbon can sitting in the tidepool. Take your vacation to the coast, spend money on sustainable fish and sustainably run hotels. Give $20 to the Ocean Conservancy, or Oceana, or The Coral Reef Alliance. Visit ocean blogs and comment on them (see my sidebar blogroll). Write you politician and request ocean protection, sustainable fishing, or ending environmentally damaging fishing or aquarium trade practices.

We live on a blue planet, the oceans are not a dump. We wouldn't choose to eat out of a trashcan. So why do we? Lets do what we say, lets LIVEBLUE in 2008. Catch the buzzword, ride the wave, support your local marine biologist.

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