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Thursday, January 24, 2008

73rd Annual Meeting of the American Malacological Society

There are special symposia on:
1) A land snail conservation symposium and workshop in honor of the late Leslie Hubricht, organized by Kathryn Perez (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill/Duke University), Jay Cordeiro (NatureServe), Jochen Gerber (Field Museum of Natural History) and Kevin Roe (Iowa State University)

2) A symposium on molluscan taxonomy in the 21st century, organized by Benoit Dayrat (UC Merced)

3) A special session on cephalopod biology organized by Frank Anderson, Christine Huffard (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) and Elizabeth Shea (Delaware Museum of Natural History)

I am particularly interested in the 2nd session, but the 3rd session would be interesting too even though I do not really work on cephalopods. I would like to go, but probably won't be able to find the resources. I could present a poster on molluscs as ecosystem engineers/facilitators at hydrothermal vents. Would that fit with the conference or be more appropriate at a general ecology conference?

In other news, and I know its going to upset Jim whom I dearly wanted to meet in Rhode Island, but I probably won't be going to the Benthic Ecology Meeting this year. The Ocean Sciences Meeting will take alot of my time and Benthics is one month after that. My committee is pressuring me to produce a draft of my experimental work by May. STRESS!! Gotta love it!


  1. Damn you and your damn committee!!

    Oh well, more rum for me.

  2. hey! I just saw this, thanks for posting about the meeting. I am just writing to assure you that the first session will rock! Land snails are way cooler than cephalopods. (no data, just my assurances) The AMS meeting would be appropriate for the talk you mentioned, maybe another year it will be closer to you.

    Kathryn Perez (one of 1st session organizers :)


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