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Thursday, January 17, 2008

BBC OnePlanet Soils and Earthworms Program

Image from my favorite vermicomposting site for children: A must see especially for parents and teachers!

BBC World Service (radio) OnePlanet environment program topic this week is soil. The middle segment of the first episode covers earthworms, including a visit to the NHM Darwin Centre collection. It's available as a podcast for downloading.

From the Ground Up: Part 1

The first of a two part series in which soil scientists, biologists and enthusiasts tell the story of soil. How was this invaluable thin layer around the planet formed and how does it differ in around the world?

From the Ground Up: Part 2

This part is about soil degradation issues & land management to combat it.

You can download the podcast from the the OnePlanet website (first link) or directly download the mp3 files of each episode (13MB each, second and third links). Each episode is 26 minutes long.

*Thanks to G.R. on the Annelida listserve for bringing my attention to this!


  1. Oh, yeah, lovely green pro-pest ideas. Guess I never gave Annelida that much credit, which is really rediculous.
    I think it was in the Natural History Museum in London that I saw this exhibition about green gardening to reach a natural balance in your garden to keep pests away. They recommended keeping hedghogs in the yard to bring a competition against worms and snails. The best anti-pest idea they had was to make small pot holes filled with beer to lure snails in, get them drunk until they plop into the liquid and drown.

    And speaking of snails, I saw this small article on National Geographic's Mad Labs show where a scientist from the states uses Prozac and other anti depressants on water snails to get them 'stuck' in an erect male state so they'll mate less. His aim is to reduce the cases of bilhartsia spread through the snails. I sure hope he won't take dripping prozac into fresh water reserves just to take down the snails...

  2. Small world. I subscribe to the very same mailing list. :)

  3. The podcast has already been archived, does anyone have a copy?


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