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Monday, January 26, 2009

Southern Fried Linkage

A couple of quick links that I wish I had more time to write up, but I don't want to wait to share:

These two links are from Southern Fried Scientist, a graduate student from the lab Kevin works in at Duke, who has splashed into science blogging with both feet.

This semester he is TA'ing an Invertebrate Zoology class for Cindy Van Dover, and made a request for "the best marine invertebrate zoology blog post". It's a great list with many entries from TO95, DSN, and from all over the blogosphere. I really have to thank SFS for prompting me to go back through most of the postings from here to pick the meatiest ones so I can highlight them for future applications (hopefully that won't be needed for a while!)

Also connected to his TA'ing activities is an awesome series of posts featuring short video productions, by the students in the class: Topics in Marine Invertebrate Zoology.

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