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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cat in a Bathysphere

I was down at our local toy store (the totally awesome Mystical Toys) when I spotted an interesting auio CD aimed at kids: The Hipwaders – Educated Kid. The track list includes "Educated Kid", "Dewey Decimal System" and the two that made me buy it on an impulse (a big deal considering student finances!) – "Song of the Paleo Pirates" and "Cat in a Bathysphere"

Great lyrics and fun tunes. Here is the early animation video for "Cat in a Bathysphere" (which features an octopus squid in the animation!)


  1. Here's the final video by Anna Wagner. I apologize that the submersible is actually a bathyscaphe instead of a bathysphere. It just sounded better to sing "bathysphere" but the song required a more navigateable submersible. At least this looks more like a squid than the octupus that was drawn in the album art.


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