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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vote Oysters Garter

Miriam at the Oysters Garter needs a little invert help. Her beautiful short play is a finalist in a competition, but the competition is tough and one of the competitors is using an eight year old to play the cute card. At stake are four dozen farmed oysters which Miriam and Eric plan to share with a handful of poor graduate students (is there any other kind?).

So check out the options, then do the right spineless thing and vote for Oysters Garter. Remember, a vote for Miriam means a high quality meal for half dozen grad students and $80 towards the Nature Conservancy’s Olympia Oyster restoration project. Just think of the incredible progress they will be able to make on their theses with such a high quality food in their bellies!

Of course I think that the only way to have four dozen oysters is raw with Tabasco or lemon juice. Or fish sauce, lime and chili peppers!


  1. Thanks, Eric! If we somehow beat the cute kid (oh, typing that is so wrong), we'll try the Tabasco/lemon juice method. Though I've sent many a quahog and mussel to the great rocky reef in the sky, I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to oysters.

  2. NSA this year was full of oysters! I had more raw and cooked oysters in that week than I've had for the past three years. Speaking of kids, it's where my 8year old learned to love raw shellfish, eating them with some of the biggies.


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