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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bigger Better Beards

Reason #5 why you should grow a big beard:

Hat tip Rustbeard.


  1. I wish reason 2 was a bit truer in my case, but as my friends say my beard is my source of power.

  2. I vowed not to cut my hair till I got straight A's or graduated, maybe I should vow not to shave my beard until get my _____ degree.

  3. I actually just did that. I vowed not to even trim it until I got a in person interview, a job, or a date. after about 4/5 months I got a job and moved so I trimmed it. It was a little sad, but for the best since my beard doesn't grow evenly and I looked a little cagey. I'm trying to let it grow out a bit more but at least trimming once in awhile.

  4. Hmm seems that all links to biggerbetterbeards(dot)org now go to some recipe site!!!

  5. Sad but true! Any good ones?
    The new site is one that the developer of the beards site sold off to someone, so I think its fixable but then he's in Thailand right now on vcation, and I am loathe to disturb anyone on vacation in Thailand over a beard website. I'll email him later.
    In the mean time lot's of beards to be seen at Deep Sea News and the other Darwin Beard challenge players.


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