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Monday, October 20, 2008

Small World Awards

Nikon has declared the winners of the 2008 Small World Photomicrogaphy Competition. The winner was this image of filaments within diatoms shot through polarizing filters by retired microsopist Michael Stringer.

PHOTOS: Best Microscopic Photos of 2008 Announced

All my favorites are among the invertebrate entries of course:

Sergestes larva (deep-water decapod crustacean)Chrysolina fastuosa (Micro leaf beetle) on a pin headOrchestia gammarella (sand hopper)Calanoid copepods (zooplankton)Mitraria larva of Owenia fusiformis (a tubeworm)Glossina sp. (tsetse fly head)Spirocamallanus sp. nematodeRadiolarians, fossil shells

And the Thinning soap film in the Popular Vote Contest.

While you're at the Small World site, check out the "Identify the Image Challenge"

Today I managed 4 of 5, earning  a rank of Magnification Master! But each day is a different set of images...

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